Lea wolf has been studying and practicing western astrology, tarot and metaphysics for thirteen years.  She specializes in natal chart readings, predictive astrology, synodic cycles and synastry readings. She also offers tarot readings, psychometry, palmistry and photo readings. Lea learned palmistry from her father and grandmother. Lea completed two undergraduate degrees in psychology and medicinal herbalism. She also holds a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and has studied Jungian Psychology and Dream Analysis as well. Having an education in counseling and psychology influences her style as a reader to be that of not just a reader but a counselor as well. Having this education helps her have a better understanding of the psyche and how it relates to a person’s life, their psychology, their archetypes  and how it relates to their astrological chart. Her educational training has provided Lea with experience and  understanding  of other people, how to really listen and hold space for them, and help them through life changes and challenges. This gives her a special holistic approach to how she completes her readings.

Astrology is a tool to help a person understand oneself better a natal chart is a blue print of a person’s life, it can be used a tool to understand oneself and other people and how one relates to themselves, other’s and the world. A natal chart is created based on the birthdate, time of birth and place of birth. It is preferred an exact birth time, if one does not have an exact birth time, Lea uses a technique called chart rectification to narrow down the potential window period. Having a birth time is important as it defines what a person’s rising sign is and the ruler ships of the various twelve houses in the chart.